The world came to a standstill in the business world for about 90 days in the earlier part of this year due to the COVID-19 virus.

High Performance in a COVID Environment

Politics and concern for the health of our communities keeps business owners guessing about whether they can open their doors or not. Within construction and accompanying industries, this exists in spite of the fact that there are repairs and replacements that are still necessary.

We are proud to announce that Dunn Electric’s business continues to thrive in this COVID environment because we have well-established our efforts both in the local market and nationally. Even prior to the COVID-19 virus, our staff practiced the highest protocols of personal cleanliness and safety. Before we enter any business, we ensure our staff, wash their hands, don their booties, gloves, and face mask. We view these items as required supplies for every job!

Performing at a peak level means having a clear vision of what needs to be done — equipping your team with the necessary supplies and resources to accomplish the job as well as remaining totally prepared mentally, intellectually, and physically. Operating in a COVID environment has allowed us to further ensure these safety and preparatory measures are conducted for every job. Our employees are instructed to show up for every job one hour before the start time. This additional time allows substantive time to re-walk the space, meet with the Site Manager, review contingencies, and align with strategic partners who are necessary to job completion. These are some of our nuggets for success. At Dunn Electric we have proven ourselves to own an exceedingly rare quality by separating ourselves from the rest of the competition by acknowledging others but paving our own way.

We are determined not to allow the COVID environment to slow us down. We view this time as an opportunity for us to shine on multiple levels further harnessing our greatness in everything we endeavor. After winning the Small Business of the Year (2020) for the State of Kentucky, we immediately hired a new marketing firm, Creative License Consulting, to assisted us in developing strategic alliances and launching new initiatives that brought significant attention to our brand.

Dunn Electric started with humble beginnings which allows us to leverage our initial start by paying close attention to the details that matter most. We know how difficult life can be, and we do not take any of our contracts for granted. This is why we give our small contracts the same attention and quality as we do our large contracts. Everyone receives the same level of service because we care. We want every customer to be amazed by our performance, because we always go the extra mile by exceeding expectations.

The COVID virus has taken its toll on our nation in numerous ways, however, there is still work to do. If you need general contracting and especially electrical work, remember Dunn Electric. We passionately live our promise every single day, by committing to excellence. Optimal, peak, or high performance is what we do because it is who we are! This is the only way we know. The COVID virus will not slow Dunn Electric down!